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Word for 2021



“The word is near you, on your lips and in your heart (that is, the word of faith which we preach)” (Romans 10:8).

According to the Hebrew calendar, we are in the year 5781. The number eighty in the Hebrew language is connected to the mouth; so this whole decade has to do with our mouth! It’s crucial that we understand the power of the tongue and how we must align our words with God’s will, Word and ways in order to enter into our destiny on planet earth, experience victory and give Him glory. It’s called walking by faith and not by sight.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” (Proverbs 18:21).

James says that our tongue is the wheel of our lives (James 3:4); so as we point our tongue towards God’s will, we will experience breakthrough and victory! Don’t be afraid of God’s will; it’s the best place on earth! It’s the place where you will experience what I call the six P’s: His Presence, His Provision, His Protection, His Power, His Purpose and His Peace.

“How great is Thy goodness, which Thou has stored up for those who fear Thee…” (Psalm 31:19).

There’s a lot of goodness stored up for us! The Lord has great plans for us! (Jeremiah 29:11). Start pointing your tongue in that direction, no matter what your situation looks like. Remember that Jesus already won the victory at Calvary over the enemy; it’s up to us now to enforce that victory over every area of our lives that does not align to heaven. We operate from a place of victory, not for victory! We have been raised up and seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6). Everything is under our feet! Change your perspective! Know who you are in Him!

“…as He is so are we in this world.” (1 John 4:17b).

As we face difficulties and problems in our lives, we need to speak according to our position in Christ. We ourselves take authority in the name of Jesus over the enemy and shoot our “arrows of victory” into those situations. I want to share with you five godly ways to respond in the midst of pain, trouble and adversity. Remember you are not alone; your helper, the Holy Spirit, is there to help you with His unlimited help. Instead of attracting demons and sabotaging your destiny by grumbling, complaining, murmuring, criticizing, cursing, condemning, slandering, etc., I suggest we start using our tongue in godly and beneficial ways that will release a turnaround in our lives:

-there’s power in THANKSGIVING (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Two of Jesus’ most amazing miracles took place in an atmosphere of thanksgiving. The multiplication of food (John 6:11) and the resurrection of Lazarus (John 11:41). As you open your mouth and start releasing your gratitude to the Lord, the Holy Spirit shows up and starts moving in power.

-there’s power in PRAISE (Psalm 22:3; Psalm 149). Paul and Silas praised the Lord in prison and released a Kingdom visitation that released an earthquake, the breaking of chains, and an opening of doors (Acts 16:25-26). The atmosphere changes through your praises; your praises build Him a throne and King Jesus shows up with power and glory to move on your behalf.

-there’s power in the SHOUT (Psalm 66: 1-3). Joshua was given a divine strategy on how to take Jericho and it included a corporate shout that brought those walls down! (Joshua 6:20). What walls, what barriers are blocking your possessing the promise? Open your mouth and shout them down!

-there’s power in our DECREES and DECLARATIONS (Job 22:28). We have a kingly anointing in our lives and as we decree and declare God’s Word (or a prophecy) into a situation, we will see breakthrough. Our decrees are very powerful in the unseen realm; they are like court orders.

-there’s power in PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT (Romans 8: 26-28). It’s very powerful to pray in the Spirit because Holy Spirit knows God’s will and He doesn’t suffer from doubt nor unbelief! He knows how to hit the target! Our intercession in the Spirit becomes His intervention to change all things for our good!

I have plenty of testimonies for each category but I will just choose one; it’s about thanksgiving.

At the beginning of the pandemic, when the whole world was shut down, I was cleaning away in my home. As I was looking up towards the ceiling something entered my left eye. I thought it was dust but it wasn’t. Three days later I had a very sick eye! It was bloodshot, ugly, bothersome. Of course I prayed! I phoned my eye doctor, who told me he would call me back shortly. When he didn’t, in faith I started to thank the Lord for His goodness, wondering in the back of my mind whether to just go to a hospital….. and then came the breakthrough! My doctor called and he opened his office on that Saturday just for me, at a time when doctors were not even seeing patients in their offices! This was my miracle! He took out a “foreign object” from my bottom eyelid and immediately I felt as new. Point of the testimony: I believe as I started to release my gratitude to the Lord for His goodness and provision, there came the breakthrough! My thanksgiving created a space for the Holy Spirit to move on my behalf, and move He did!

Determine you will not listen to hell’s radio station! Change your dial and tune in to the Holy Spirit’s voice! Employ your “voice weapons,” change your atmosphere and you will see breakthrough after breakthrough! Don’t let the enemy conquer you with stinking thinking! Victory begins in the mind!

In King David’s words:

“Lord, I will worship you with extended hands as my whole heart explodes with praise!

I will tell everyone everywhere about your wonderful works and how your marvelous

Miracles exceed expectations! I will jump for joy and shout in triumph as I sing your

Song and make music for the Most High God.

For when you appear, I worship while all of my enemies run in retreat. They stumble

And perish in your presence.

For you have stood up for my cause and vindicated me when I needed you the most.

From your righteous throne you have given me justice.” (Psalm 9:1-4) (Passion Translation).


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